Soulshine Music


SS Nation


To ambitiously produce and promote unparalleled music events and performances; as well as celebrate these transcendent experiences in a varied form of creative mediums.

The mission of Soulshine Music is to provide the user with a rich and compelling musical experience while capturing each and every nuance of the event in a variety of artistic forms to captivate any and all of the human senses. Through the use of photography, filmography and audio recordings, it is our intention to share these profound moments with any and all individuals that see fit.

We desire to measure our success not by box office numbers or ticket sales but through the satisfaction and fulfillment of your entertainment expectations.


There’s always a method to anyone’s madness and we here at Soulshine are no different. There’s no formula or equations. No secret blend of special herbs and spices. It’s in fact the opposite. It’s about breaking things down to their simplest form. To better understand our madness, let’s start with a simple exercise.

Try describing the color orange to someone who is blind. Think about it. How would you describe it? You’d talk about how the color exudes radiance and alertness; how it’s both soothing and oddly verbose; it promotes growth and prosperity; how its warmness consumes you and blankets your mind…you’d tell the person that you’d know it immediately when you saw it.  It’s so distinct in your mind but almost impossible to describe.

So what’s our method exactly? Let’s take that same exercise and replace it with an amazing live show you witnessed to someone who wasn’t in attendance. I’m sure you’d verbally stubble through the conversation, listing off a variety of very specific details and effortlessly trying to describe the energy you felt. It’s those indescribable qualities you can’t put your finger on. You’ll always remember the first time you heard your favorite song or the transcendent feeling you experienced at a live concert. We believe music is meant to be shared and the medium it’s shared upon is equally as important as the artist’s performance.  In the end, you’d say, “You had to be there.”

That’s our method. That’s Soulshine.




We are not only music promoters but music fanatics eager to engage the user in the experience. We invite you to consider yourself a member of our team. You are a vital variable of the concert equation that should be included in production. So shoot us a line, tell us who you are and consider yourself part of the Soulshine Nation. Because we are you and it’s you that makes a memorable concert experience what it is.